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Will REGENmax® for Women Improve My Sexual Desire?

By: Our Team


REGENmax® is an exciting treatment solution our doctors at Sexual Wellness Centers of America are proud to offer in Frisco, TX. We provide the REGENmax® system as an option for women aiming to improve their sexual performance. Let’s look at what you can expect from REGENmax® and how it can improve your life.

How does REGENmax® work for women?

REGENmax® uses the SP Dynamis Pro laser from Fotona to rejuvenate the vaginal area. The laser triggers collagen production in the region, tightens the vaginal canal, and improves wetness in the area. The clitoris and other spots will also become more sensitive, enhancing sexual performance.

This treatment also includes a thorough blood test to identify which hormones and supplements could be beneficial for treatment.

Are there other sexual enhancements for women?

You can use other treatment solutions for your body alongside REGENmax®. The team at Sexual Wellness Centers of America can review your needs and may recommend the SHEshot®, which will include tissue regenerative fluid to help restore genital tissues in the vaginal region. The procedure helps rebuild the region, can produce stronger orgasms, and improve vaginal lubrication.

How long does it take to experience the results?

You can expect to see optimal results of REGENmax® and other solutions we offer at our center in about 4 – 6 weeks. It takes time for the body to adapt and start producing new tissues while restoring existing ones. You can schedule a follow-up visit with us in Frisco, TX.

Who can benefit from REGENmax®?

REGENmax® is ideal for women who have undergone menopause or have given birth. These issues can result in problems like vaginal dryness and reduced sexual desire, and sex may be painful.

What does the procedure feel like?

The REGENmax® procedure generally does not trigger any pain or irritation, although you may notice some warmth in the vaginal region. Some pressure may also be noticeable in cases involving the SHEshot. These issues are minimal, and most patients feel the benefits of our work far outweigh anything unusual they might feel.

Does this work for people of all ages?

REGENmax® is ideal for women of all ages, but it is very effective for older women who have struggled with their sexual capabilities in the past few years. The restorative nature of REGENmax® makes it an ideal solution to improve sexual performance.

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Patients appreciate how the REGENmax® treatment process can work for women who want to restore their sexual performance. Request a consultation at Sexual Wellness Centers of America to learn more about how our doctors in Frisco, TX can help design a customized treatment plan just for you. You can visit our office in Frisco from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

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