Is it Possible to Make My Vaginal Walls Tighter?

By: Our Team


If you've had a vaginal birth or are experiencing sexual issues due to menopause and aging, you may wonder if there's a way to make your vaginal walls tighter. A decrease in tightness in the vaginal walls is common and can affect a woman's ability to enjoy sex. In this case, you may want to look into vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

At Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX, our compassionate and experienced team is eager to help women regain their sex lives and libidos using a unique treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about this game-changing vagina tightening treatment with REGENmax® vaginal rejuvenation.

How does vaginal rejuvenation with REGENmax work?

The REGENmax is a laser treatment used for both men and women. In women, it's used in vaginal rejuvenation, which can help stimulate collagen production in the vaginal area. This can result in:

  • Tighter vaginal walls

  • Increased vaginal lubrication

  • A reduction in symptoms of some forms of urinary incontinence

REGENmax treatment aims to restore patients' confidence, and their libidos and sex lives.

Is laser vaginal rejuvenation safe?

Most vaginal rejuvenation treatments sound intimidating, and the Sexual Wellness Centers of America team in Frisco, TX understands that. We do everything we can to educate patients upfront about what they can expect during treatment to reduce anxiety so they can go into their treatment with confidence.

Our vaginal rejuvenation procedure uses the Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser, which delivers heat using an infrared wavelength, so patients don't feel pain or burning on the skin. Your treatment should be virtually painless. And because the heat is delivered to the cells beneath your skin, this nonsurgical treatment doesn't create any wounds on the skin that need treatment or could risk infection.

The goal is simply to stimulate cell growth beneath the skin that has slowed down due to aging. Slow collagen growth and cell regrowth is a natural process. However, it can lead people to have a decreased ability to have enjoyable sex and climax, affecting relationships, and overall happiness and life satisfaction.

In some cases, patients may also need an injection to experience the full range of benefits from vaginal rejuvenation.

How long does it take vagina tightening treatment to work?

While some of the effects of vaginal rejuvenation treatment (such as increased sensitivity or a boost in libido) may be almost immediate in some patients, those with laxity of the vaginal walls may need a few weeks to see swelling subside and notice a difference. It can take up to 1 – 3 months to see the full benefits of treatment. That's because the body needs time to start rebuilding its store of collagen cells. The good news is that the effects of vaginal rejuvenation can last years.

The first step is talking to a member of the Sexual Wellness Centers of America team to discuss your unique issues and find out what type of treatment will best suit your needs. Everyone is different, so we customize our recommendations to suit your needs. Your assessment may involve blood tests and measuring hormone levels to ensure we're treating the correct issues.

Get vaginal rejuvenation and tighter vaginal walls in Frisco, TX

If your sex life needs a boost because vaginal childbirth, menopause, or aging has decreased your enjoyment of intercourse, talk to one of our team members at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX.

Issues around sex and incontinence may be awkward to discuss, but our professional team will do their best to ensure your comfort so you can be open and honest about your symptoms. Take the first step toward improving the quality of your sex life by scheduling a consultation.

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