In What Ways Can the HEshot® Benefit Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

By: Our Team


The HEshot is a unique male enhancement treatment that can boost a man’s sexual performance and resolve erectile dysfunction. Men in the DFW area who need assistance in getting more out of their sexual efforts will find the HEshot can be a necessary solution with great results. Our team at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX will help you see how the HEshot can work for your body, adding a boost to your sexual health and giving you the performance support you deserve.

Understanding the HEshot

The HEshot is a unique treatment that uses a few steps to treat erectile dysfunction:

  1. Platelet-rich plasma works at the start. PRP contains natural growth factors that promote tissue development. Depending on the situation, you could have PRP from your body utilized in the HEshot. A doctor can draw blood from your body and then use a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood.

  2. A tissue regenerating fluid is added to the PRP. The fluid is a proprietary solution used in the HEshot.

  3. The HEshot is injected into the penile tissue. The injection is safe on the body, and most men will not feel significant pain. A numbing agent can be applied to the penile area beforehand if necessary.

  4. The HEshot solution will trigger tissue regeneration in the penile region. The collagen will be restored to help boost the area’s functionality.

The procedure is easy for the body to tolerate. You will only require one treatment, in most situations, although you can request an annual injection to keep experiencing positive results.

What will you get from the HEshot?

The HEshot is one of the most popular treatments we provide at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX. The advantages of the HEshot are significant parts of why the HEshot is so useful:

  • The penile area will experience improved blood flow, making it easier for you to trigger an erection.

  • New cells will grow in the penile region. These cells can make the penis more functional and active, plus it will feel stronger during an erection.

  • It is easier for a man to ejaculate when the tissue is stronger.

  • An erection can last longer after the HEshot.

  • Some men will experience a slight increase in penis size following the injection. The growth of new tissue makes it easier for the penis to function.

You’ll experience results in about 2 – 6 weeks after the injection, and they can last for about 1 – 2 years after the treatment. We recommend you request an annual touch-up treatment to help you preserve the results.

Learn how the HEshot can work for you

The doctors at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX want to help you see how the HEshot can give you the sexual capability you deserve. Our team will review your current situation and identify a treatment solution that works for you. You can schedule an appointment with us to learn about what works for your sexual health.

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