Are REGENmax® Treatments Painful?

By: Our Team


Our doctors at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX are proud to provide men and women help with their sexual health needs through our proprietary REGENmax® system. REGENmax® treatments can help resolve sexual dysfunction and provide improvements to your sex life.

One of the most exciting parts of the REGENmax® system is that it is a virtually pain-free procedure. Most of our patients do not report any pain during or following treatment. The practice uses a unique procedure that keeps your body healthy while boosting your performance in the bedroom.

How does this work for men?

We use the Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser in the REGENmax® system to restore your sexual performance. Men can benefit from the laser’s ability to restore the penile tissue and improve one’s ability to produce an erection.

The laser restores collagen in the penile area, helping rejuvenate tissue and improve its response time. We can also apply acoustic shockwave therapy to the region if necessary. We can complete a blood test to review how well you can benefit from the procedure.

How does this work for women?

Women can also use the REGENmax® system at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX to restore their sexual performance. Our service is ideal for women who have undergone menopause or have been through childbirth.

The Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser will stimulate the vaginal area and trigger collagen production in the region. The procedure also tightens the vaginal canal, reducing urinary incontinence and boosting vaginal wetness. The region will also feel more sensitive, boosting your ability to enjoy sexual activities.

We can also apply other treatments if necessary. These include solutions like acoustic shockwave therapy and hormone restoration support. We can monitor your needs and find a plan that keeps you healthy.

A safer laser

The Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser provides effective results without producing pain. The laser produces a gentle amount of heat without burning the skin. It also uses an infrared wavelength that is safe on the body, reducing complications.

The laser also targets the skin without triggering bleeding or other risks. It does not change pressure levels in your body.

Will you require anything else?

You may require an additional injection in the penile or vaginal area if necessary. Our doctors can review if you require extra care in this situation. You may notice some pressure changes in the injection site at this point, although that is one of the only problems you might experience.

We’ll complete a blood test for each patient before we determine what works for treatment purposes. The test will include an analysis of hormone levels and other factors that might influence your sexual health. We can use these results to plan a suitable approach to sexual health you will appreciate.

Contacts us today to learn how our services can benefit you

Our team at Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Frisco, TX can help you restore your sexual abilities with our REGENmax® system. REGENmax® provides a great way to help you restore your body without pressure or stress. Contact us today to learn more about our work and see how we can handle your needs for a better sexual life.

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